Evangelist Ethan LeCroy


Pastor Denny LeCroy
New Life Baptist Church, Odenville, AL  (home church)

As Ethan’s uncle, pastor and employer, I know Ethan very well and can attest to his sweet spirit, sterling character and whole-hearted devotion to the Lord. I have watched him grow up to be a fine young man that loves people, has a wonderful family, and loves the Lord with all of his heart. He was our youth pastor for over seven years and I saw the teen group grow, both numerically and spiritually, under his leadership and discipleship. Many who were in the teen ministry when he began leading it are now faithfully serving the Lord as young adults. The teens all greatly love Brother Ethan. He also is a wonderful asset in the pulpit, as his sermons are Bible based, well received and applicable to our people. Our church family will greatly miss his ministry to us, but we rest assured of his evangelistic abilities and in God’s leading hand in his evangelistic ministry. I highly commend him to your church!

Dr. John Goetsch

Executive Vice President of West Coast Baptist College
My heart thrills when I hear of young men stepping out by faith into the field of evangelism.  It is not an easy step and yet God blesses men with a heart for revival. I am grateful for the way God has worked in Brother LeCroy’s life and prepared him for this ministry. He is a humble man with wonderful God-given gifts that will help pastors and their people in the local church. I am praying God will uniquely use him in this critical hour in our nation. 

Dr. David Young
Full time evangelist since 1994

I have been personally acquainted with Ethan and his family for a very long time. He is a very capable preacher with a huge heart for God’s Word, for preaching, for souls, and for the local church. He and his wife have a wonderful ministry together and their entire family would not only be a blessing to you personally, but would also be an incredible help to your local church family too. I highly commend them to you!

Pastor Dan Boatman
Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Blountsville, AL
I am thankful for Brother Ethan LeCroy.  Pastors, I highly, highly, highly recommend this evangelist.  He is an excellent preacher.   I truly believe he will make a huge difference with the next generation.   This is a wonderful, Godly couple that will be a blessing to your church family.

Pastor Anthony Aiken
Bible Baptist Church, Fort Pierce, FL
I would like to commend Brother Ethan LeCroy and his family to you for evangelism ministry. Ethan holds a very special place in the heart of our people, and they are very responsive to his preaching. I believe that this is because, not only does he preach sound, biblical messages, he and his family have taken the time to invest in and love our people. I appreciate the fact that he and his wife both minister with a godly, humble, sincerity. I have great confidence that they will be a blessing to your church as well.

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