Evangelist Ethan LeCroy

Available Ministries

Revival Services

We believe that God is able to revive our churches and our country!  This is the only hope for America!  I have been amazed at how God can stir a church through Revival services dedicated to seeking the Lord!  Souls can be saved and lives can be changed!  Revival services can be any length of time but typically run from Sunday – Wednesday or Sunday – Friday.  We will seek the Lord with your church and preach His Word passionately, expecting the Lord to do the reviving work that only He can do!  

Youth Ministry

While serving as a youth pastor for seven years, the Lord has opened my eyes to the needs of our young people today!  I love teens, and I am passionate about reaching them!  We believe God changes lives when the truth of God is given in the love of God and the glory goes to God!  We would love to assist your church by preaching and even aiding in program ideas (games, skits, etc.).  Whether it’s a week of camp, VBS, youth conference, youth emphasis weekend, or anything in between, we would be thrilled to have the opportunity to minister to your young people! 

Youth Emphasis Weekend

During our time at New Life Baptist Church, the Lord allowed me the opportunity to develop several Faithfulness Program Series.  We would love to share these with your youth group through a Friday – Sunday youth emphasis weekend!  The weekend event can include fun activities as well as several preaching and teaching sessions!  Click HERE to find out more information.

Christian School Services

Having graduated from a Christian school, I understand the need for revival and gospel preaching in a Christian school!  I am extremely thankful for Christian education!  I believe in it, but I also am aware from personal experience of how cold young people can be even in a good spiritual environment.  It would be our privilege to preach a chapel service or a spiritual emphasis week of services for your school!

Pulpit Supply

We know that Pastors often need time away to rest and fulfill various other needs.  While you’re away, we would love to encourage and challenge your people from the Word of God.  We understand our place is not to preach on local church standards and decisions (music, Bible version, dress, etc.) that are made by each local church – we believe in the autonomy of the local church!  Our desire is to preach the gospel and Christian living messages that would encourage and stir your church to go forward while following your leading!

Cultural Issues Conference

In a world that seems to be constantly presenting believers with new issues (Homosexuality, Gender Identity, Race-Relations, etc.) we must have an answer from the Bible for what we believe.  I believe there is great value in not only teaching the truth about these issues but in also preparing your people to share the truth with others.  We would love to play a part in equipping your people to speak the truth in love to a culture in need of the gospel and Biblical truth.

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