Evangelist Ethan LeCroy

My Burden and Passion

I was blessed to be born and raised in a Christian family and received the Lord as my personal Savior as a young teen.  The Lord immediately gave me a desire to preach His Word.  It is one of the greatest joys and passions of my life!  

After graduating from Bible college with a degree in Biblical Studies and Evangelism, the Lord opened the door for me to serve as Youth Pastor of New Life Baptist Church in Odenville, AL for seven years!  The Lord has for many years given me a burden for Evangelism and Revival work!  

With the Lord’s leading and the blessing of our local church, we are excited to travel and preach in both churches and schools!  It is my heart’s desire to see souls saved and the saved stirred in churches!  We need revival!  We would be honored to serve you in any way!

My Family

Bethany and I were married on August 1, 2015 – no doubt one of the greatest days of our lives!  The Lord has blessed us with three children – Caleb, Evelynn, and Andrew.  We are so thankful to serve the Lord together!  We believe in the family.  There is great joy and harmony in doing things the Bible way, and it is our desire to encourage and equip families in our ministry!

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Evangelist Ethan LeCroy

Evangelist Ethan LeCroy

Seeing the lost saved, and the saved stirred through evangelism. We serve local churches by preachi

Noah was criticized for building an ark.Joseph was criticized for refusing to be immoral. David was criticized for wanting to fight Goliath.Nehemiah was criticized while trying to rebuild the wall.The theee Hebrew boys were criticized for not bowing down.The prophets were criticized for speaking the truth God gave them.The disciples were criticized for following Christ.Paul was criticized for preaching Christ.Mary was criticized for ”breaking the box.”Jesus was criticized while dying on the cross for the sins of the world (including those that were criticizing Him).If you face criticism for doing right, just know that you are in good company. See MoreSee Less
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Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. -Proverbs 4:23The Devil knows this is as well. This is why the heart / mind is his battle ground. If he can have our heart, he can have our body. Be careful who / what you allow to influence your heart today. See MoreSee Less
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So excited to be with the folks at Countryside Baptist Church today! Love Pastor Einkenberry and his family! Praying the Lord moves in a mighty way today!This Sunday, we look forward to hearing from Evangelist Ethan LeCroy! He will be preaching in the morning and evening services. See MoreSee Less
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Every lost sinner needs a laboring soulwinner to bring them to a loving Savior! See MoreSee Less
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We are excited to be back on the road! Looking forward to preaching to the folks at Countryside Baptist Church in Lake Mary, FL, this weekend! See MoreSee Less
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Ethan and Bethany, Caleb, Evelynn, Andrew

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